Network Controller driver not found, Windows 7, 64bit, Gateway ID49C

I'm having some really bad issues with my Gateway ID49C Laptop. Somehow the Network Controller has completely vanished from my devices, and I have zero access to the intearnet as a result.

Under my device manager, in Other Devices, the Network Controller status is saying that there is no installed driver, and Manufacturer is listed as Unknown.

I feel this could all be solved by updating the drivers automatically, but alas, NO INTERNET :D

I have attempted to use Gateway's support pages for re-installing both the LAN and Wireless drivers, but neither had any effect on the Network Controller (which I facepalmed over the obviousness)

I am at a loss for what to do beyond taking a sledgehammer to this POS in a fit of rage. Help? ;w;

Post script: Windows 7, 64bit
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  1. So it just says Network Controller? That would be a wireless of course. you should still have your wired (ethernet) working still. Now there are 3 drivers found for your laptop model. You will want to download all 3 and try all 3 of them. One of them will have to work. Atheros Broadcom Realtek

    Those are the 3 wireless cards that came with your laptop. it could be either one of those 3. I hate it when they do this to us. Its like...WHY HAVE 2-10 difference wireless cards for the same model! just have one! lol
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