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My computer had a bit of an accident, and my old heatsink doesn't seem to work as well as it should. Temps are up, the fan is always running full speed, and I think I need to replace it. My cpu is overclocked a pretty significant amount, so I'm looking for some help on the best cooler for my buck.

I have 139mm of space (my old cooler master tx3 just barely stayed out of the way of the side case fan, so no upgrading to the bigger 212 evo, unfortunately), and am hoping to get the most efficient set up I can under $50.

I'm currently looking at the cooler master gemini series (, but I'm really hesitant, as I feel that the upright ones would work better, like the zalman cnps9500( for example.

I have heard too many stories about liquid cooling, even closed loop ones, that I am afraid to work with them. Please help me get the best air cooled system I can.
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  1. Win Win~
    I had the gemini, it worked well but was/is BIG.
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  3. I'm sorry, I guess I shouldn't have used the phrase "Low Profile". In actuality, I don't really care how big it is, so long as it fits in under 139mm tall. After seeing the performance of the GeminII, I think I want to go with that one, but how can I be sure that it will fit length and width? Aside from taking my current heatsink out and using a ruler, any way I can know for sure if i have the clearance? If it helps at all, I am using an MSI p55-gd80 motherboard in an apevia trooper case (

    nh c14 has close to nh-d14 temps and is pretty low, i have an htpc case (grandia gd 08) with an oc'd 3770k at 4.4 under 70 at any point.
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