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Hello guys,
I am looking to build a water cooling system. Now, I like the cube case look a lot and especially the Carbide 540 Air of Corsair because they let you hide all the non-eyegasmic material, like drive bay's and PSU in the closed compartment and show all the good stuff in the windowed compartment. Now the problem I have is that this case is really built for Air cooling and doesn't have anny room for a descent reservoir to show through the window.
I don't want a bay reservoir/pump combo because you don't see how good it looks from the bay :/ So is there a similar case that i can buy that has enough room and keeps the cube formfactor.

Thanks ;)
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    Cube cases are pretty rare, espcially if you want extensive water-cooling support.
    Only things I know of are CaseLabs and MountainMods, both make cube style cases that are built for water-cooling. Though expect to pay a fair bit if you want a case from these guys.
  2. Wow those are expensive :/ you think corsair might release a new cube case any time soon that might fit my needs ?
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