Good 1TB - 2TB Drives?

Hey guys,

I previously had 3 Seagate Barracuda's 7200.11 1TB's and 2 died on me in a matter of a week. I know when I built my first machine about 5 or so years ago I had a 7200.11 1TB, and that series was known for having issues. I didn't buy the 1.5TB's they were free leftover's from my fathers networking business, used in an external bay. I put 2 in my machine for RAID1. So I'm squeeking by on 1 HDD right now.

I'm looking for a nice hard drive for RAID1 pairing? Any recommendations?

Not looking to pay over 150 for a single HDD. 1TB Could do the trick as well. Just for general purpose storage nothing fancy.
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  1. WD Reds?
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    Go for one step above the WD reds

    With a 128 MB cache how can you say no?

    Using 4 of these in a file server using a RAID 5 for a company I support
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