How to remove a video card and reinstall a newer one.

What's the correct procedure for taking out my ATI Radeon PCIe card and putting in a newer Radeon card.

I7 HP computer (HPE350t)
Current ATI Radeon 5770 card
Replacing with Gigabyte Radeon HD7950

Uninstall the old ATI drivers in control panel?

Remove the old card or leave it in? While uninstalling drivers in control panel?

Install new card and use files on CD that came with the card OR download drivers from AMD's to use for installation?
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  1. Actually, the 5000 series and the 7000 series still use the same driver package, so you should be able to just swap, though to get the most from your card, i'd update to the newest driver anyways:
  2. Uninstall the ATI control panel, it will unistall the drivers also. Turn off your computer, Plug the new card, plug on the computer and install the drivers.
    Sometimes people tell you to re format prior to swap cards, but I never did it and things got fluent and nice.
  3. 1. Plug your monitor into your motherboard directly.
    2. Visit AMD official site for the most current 7950 drivers.
    3. Unintall current drivers (unless they happen to be the same as current ones)
    4. Turn off PC
    5. Remove cover and install new card, make sure to connect the it to PSU for power
    6. Turn on PC, install new drivers
    7. Plug monitor into new video card

    If you did all that right, you'll be good to go.
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