Need help with a PC build, new to PC gaming. ($700-$800 budget)

Hello. I'm going to switch over to PC gaming rather than buy a next gen console. I know nothing of finding out which parts go with what. I only know how to build the PC and what PCs are capable of. With that, for 700-$800, I'd like a PC that can play BF4 on atleast high, go above 60 fps, and has decent graphics.
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    Here is the review for the BF4, assume that you use 1920x1080 monitor.

    I pick up the parts.

    You can get few$ off for the win8.1 from with "EMCWWXW234" and you can get either Antec NeoECO C NEO ECO 520C for $35 or CORSAIR CX series CX500 for $25
    All the PSU can power the HD7870xt, so you pick your favor. And you can pick up other better GPU too, here is the list Best Graphics Cards For The Money,3107-7.html If you pick other GPU then make sure you check the PSU requirement for the GPU.
    This is my current build and I must say it does what I need it to! (My res is 7680x1600 because of 3 monitors, but I can play pretty much anything ultra if not then high :)
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