baytrail vs celeron

Bay trail quad core (z3740) vs celeron dual core (2117u)

Which one will be good for

Web browsing, 1080p movies, light movie maker editing etc

Bay trail one has a TDP of 2W but 4 cores so can we expect good multi tasking while saving battery compared to 2117u CPU ?

Actually I have seen lot of benchmarks for z3740 and it can also output 4k video without any issues.. my concern is about the performance of the celeron CPU.. according to passmark its comparable to my 5 year old e7300.

Its a tough choice to me.. I'm trying to select between dell inspiron 11 3000 and Asus transformer book t100.. please advice guys.. thanks
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    Well, it is a bit difficult to compare the two, since Bay Trail is more on a low power SoC side of things, while Celeron is based on the desktop Ivy Bridge architecture.

    Celeron is stronger, since it natively runs at 1.8 Ghz and is based on a performance oriented Ivy Bridge, while Bay Trail at 1.3 with possible Turbo Boost to 1.8 with minimal features (for example no 64-bit applications support, not that it matters since in either case you won't be using those).

    But Bay Trail without a doubt is more energy efficient which is critical for such compact devices, so just take it really - if it is capable of outputting 4k videos, then really it's good for everything you need. Take it.
  2. @Gaidax thanks a lot for the quick reply..

    I think extra 2 cores in baytrail will be an added advantage over dual core in celeron when it comes to multi tasking.. I'll be using Windows 8.1 split windows and run multiple browsers in both desktop and metro simultaniously.. hope bayttail can handle it well without taxing a lot on battery..

    Anyone using either model mentioned above please share some insight on how these CPUs work in real world instances etc
  3. I am currently testing. reviewing a Toshiba radius with a Celeron running windows 8.1, finding it pretty slow. My Memo 8 with Baytail loads faster, multitasks flawlessly, BUT comparing android to windows...
    I have no doubt whatsoever that the Celeron heats up *a lot* more. this thing gets hot after 5 minutes, just running a browser with a couple of windows open.

    Myself, I would go for the Asus. Iam seeing a $45-50 price difference too (on more or less matched machines with the primary difference being the chips). Of course, these things change daily this time of year, but I can also say that my experience with Asus has been much better than Dell.
    I came here looking for benchmarking info, and with a Celeron "laptop", convertible machine In MY LAP, I am thinking of buying the ASUS. Great price on it right now!

    eta really laggy. just the time it took for this post to refresh., not very satisfying, compered to a 1 year old $150 tablet.
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