Best Graphic Card under Rs35000 for syatem given below.


I want to play Battlefield 4 :)

I am require a good graphic card under 35000, for gaming screen

Current system Details:

Power Supply: iball 500W - { I can upgrade to 600W, if required }
Processor: i7 2600k @ 3.4Ghz - { will not change as it has not been used that much }
Ram: 2x4GB - 8GB - { I have 2x4GB extra }
Mother Board: acpi x64-based
Cabinet: iball
OS: Win 8 Ent N
Graphic Card: GT 520 2GB - { Definite replacement. }
Monitor: HP Pavilion 25xi - 60hz

Note: This system was not built for games only for large multi touch screen project. But now I want to upgrade it to Extreme Gaming PC, that can stand for 3 years.
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  1. This is the best card for gaming under 35K.

    This card is basically just a R9-280X, just clocked a bit lower. So it would perform about the same. Though you should wait for the R9-280X to arrive on the market. The R9-280x would offer similar performance but for less price.

    So, if I were you I would have waited for the R9-280X.

  2. Only the GHz edition of 7970 is better than the GTX 670 and the above mentioned card is not GHz edition!

    Get the GTX 670 without a doubt.
  3. Best answer
    Looking at the Battlefield 4 release benchmarks, the 290X/7970 outperforms the 760...

    I'd go with what Sangeet said. He's from India and has been very helpful in the forums.

    Edit: Nice World of Warcraft benchmark you have there
  4. Thanks for this, right now I have a monitor that has 60hz will that be down side in performance ?
  5. Some points to note :

    1. The difference between the 7970 and the 7970 Ghz edition is basically the clock speeds. So just overclocking the 7970 would make it perform like the 7970 Ghz Edition, so you need not worry there at all.

    2. The 7970 has 3GB VRAM v/s the 2GB VRAM on the 670.

    3. Also there is no reason to recommend the 670 when similarly powerful 760 can be had for much lesser.

    4. The wider bus in the 7970 i.e 384 Bit bus is of course better than the one is 670(760) which is 256 bit.

    Now the most important point :

    5. The 7970 is still overpriced in India because there are never any price drops on computer parts in India.

    The 280x costs 300 dollars in the US, but after the import tax and hell lot other taxes it would cost about 400 dollars in India and 400 dollars equate to about 25,000 rupees which would still be a hell lot cheaper than the 7970 that you are paying for right now.

    So my advice would be to wait for the 280x to come to the Indian market and then buy one. Buying the 7970 right now does not makes sense, buying the 670 also does not make sense either. I would better buy a card with 3GB VRAM just to future proof a bit.
  6. A 60Hz monitor will not be a problem. Means you can crank up the detail beyond Ultra and not get any perceivable lag.
  7. Or you can limit your frame rates to 60 FPS. It would avoid tearing issues and would also help the GPU to run more efficiently as it would not need to pull unnecessary frames and would also keep the overall temperatures of your rig cool.

    The summers in India can be quite hot with temperatures reaching upto 45 degree Celcius in Centeral and North India, so temperatures and airflow matter quite a bit.

    My laptop personally runs like 15 degrees warmer at summers when the temperatures are scaling 45 degrees celcius.
  8. Upgrading your PSU is a must before you purchase anything... that iball PSU will surely blow if you try to power a high end card using it... It might damage your components too...
    Hence plan your budget accordingly....
  9. Yeah, I would suggest upgrading the PSU too. The Corsair CX 600 can be had for about Rs. 5000 at

    Link :
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