I cant log into to Windows 8, cant go into safe mode and it keeps!!

I was using my computer - had a few programmes open but no more than usual - SAM Broadcaster (but wasn't streaming), Photoshop, VLC, chrome when all of a sudden my graphics card crashed about three times in a row. Then I got an error message and Windows 8 said it needed to reboot.
It did that and now I cant use my computer at ALL, it will get to the log in screen and when I put my password in it just loads and loads and then the computer restarts again with no warning. I cannot get into safe mode or anything like that, cannot even click on the shut down button at the log in. screen. The Computer temperature is ok - its not overheating or anything.
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    Hmm...this is trial and error time. I would say "virus" but there is no way to tell now if you can't boot. I say check all cables, open the disk tray, pop in the Windows 8 CD and happy, happy joy time.
  2. If I had the disk I would have tried that already :( seems I never got one when I bought the computer 6 months ago.

    My warranty also only covers mechanical and electrical repair..not much use if its a software issue
  3. Could be your graphic card as it crashed 3 times before Windows 8 went kaput.
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