new modem. slow internet speed through cable but fast through wifi.

hello as said above im having problems with the new modem that i bought. it is a belkin ac1800DB modem router. i have called my isp and belikn, both can not work out the solution to solve this problem.

my old modem speed was averaging around 6-7mb per second download speed through cable. (result through and my new modem is running around 1mb per second through cable ( through however through wifi on all other devices ( excluding the desktop plugged directly in the modem) is running at full speed.

i plugged my laptop directly into the cable and it also got full speed. so the source is obviously at my desktop.

im currently running windows 7 ultimate 64-bit.

if anyone can solve this for me i would really appreciate it and thankyou in advance.
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  1. My son had that problem until I (after days of trying different things, even a new network card) thought I would use Device Manager to check for a newer network card driver ("update driver"), not expecting it to have any effect. The existing driver was the one that Windows had installed by default since installing the card, but after using "update driver" the driver description changed to a different brand altogether, so evidently Windows had installed the wrong driver first time around.

    And hey presto!, it fixed the slow downloads problem completely.

    So there's something you could try.
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