Windows has recovered from unexpected shutdown.

hello people !:) I would like to ask you about my new computer. My specs are CPU: Intel i3 3.30ghz Ram:4GB Video Card: Nvidia GeForce GT 630 Approx.Memory: 2GB OS: Windows 7 starter. Now my PC works fast and fast. Now my problem is this, I played call of duty 2 and the game works smooth and fast but after a minute(s) my monitor shuts and says “Power Saving Mode”. Same as the other game like Company of Heroes ,etc (run smooth and fast, without lagging !) . After the shutdown(Restart) my pc says an error about “BlueScreen, problem is minidump.dmp(something)” . I tried several times to reinstall the OS,drivers but still the same.. but Im wondering my pcp’s temerature is cool and cpu fan,fan,graphic card fan, and power supply fan are still running. no temperature problem. When I played a low specs game like Battle Realms, etc my monitor won’t shuts. I tried my theories to solve the problem but nothing change. .

I searched it on the internet and I followed their Instruction. I did boot to safe mood,unistall graphic driver ,reboot and install the updated driver . and still the same, nothing change. I also update my motherboard bios to F6 from F5.
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  1. Jaygot0 said:
    Yes, I encountered that problem also, last night I update my bios to F6. Then after reboot, my windows boot won's startup. All I did is just reinstall my OS(Win7). after that, my problem solved.

    Updating firmware almost always causes the firmware settings to reset, and this includes the storage controller's mode of operation. If Windows is installed with the storage controller in IDE mode and the storage controller defaults to AHCI mode, it will BSOD on boot. The same is true if it is installed in AHCI mode and the storage controller defaults to IDE mode.
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