I need some help building a high-end Gaming PC For bf4

Hello, :)

I would like to get some help on building a pc.
Yesterday i have made a configuration, wich i think is pretty good.
But, i asked help somewhere and another person also made a configuration.

I want it to play BF4 @ ultra without problems. (also other games ofcourse) Also i'd like to have a "Future Proof" pc.
A second opinion would be nice! :)

These links are on a Dutch website, but i think the products are shown cleary.
My own build:

The build that the other person made ( PSU is a bit too weak, will change that) :

Thanks for your help! (I am very sorry for my horrible english. )

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  1. Both configs are more than enought for your proposals and will last some years. Go with the cheapest one.
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