Asus MX239h started flickering with horizontal lines and burned in image

I got up to go to the washroom and when I returned one of my MX239Hs was flickering with horizontal lines and had image burn in. I unplugged my monitor from my computer, turned it off and on, tested it with other cables and slots on my GPU and used a different power supply and nothing fixed it. I bought these used about two weeks. I do have the receipts for them both and the original purchase date was August 10th so I am hoping they are still covered for warranty. Could anyone inform of any potential solutions to my problem, and also if it is still covered under warranty?

edit: even when not plugged into my GPU the monitor still flickers with horizontal lines and has a burned in image of my browser, however it still runs if I plug it in, just has flickering lines and burn in.
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  1. There is no fix for image burn-in on a monitor screen (other than changing the monitor of course).
    We couldn't possibly comment on the warranty if you bought it second-hand, that depends on the warranty policy of the seller.
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