can ATI radeon HD 5870 DDR5 work with motherboard using Ram ddr3 bus 1066 ?

can vga card ATI radeon HD 5870 DDR5 work on motherboard using ram ddr3 bus 1066 ?
when i finish fixing the card on the above Motherboard, power on ,the system could not run,just
create loud beep sounds ,no signal on the screen
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  1. it may not be ur card. the beeps on ur mobo are indicating what the boot problem is. google ur mobo and number of beeps or look at the manual to find out whats wrong.
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    make sure you plugged in the cpu power plug into the mb. some mb it a 4/8 pin plug near the cpu or on the edge of the mb. also check the number of beeps...see if it ram or gpu issue. if your mb is a newer unit see if it has onboard gpu if it does use that one first to see if the system is booting fine.
  3. Have you plugged the 6 pin power connector?
    How many ram sticks do you have?
    if you have two, plug the other one out (RAM 1) and then boot, if it didn't, plug it back (RAM 1) and then plug the other one out (RAM 2). Then boot.
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