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My pc boots okay on cold start in the morning but after like 3 mins display goes blank from that point no matter how hard I try to reboot / turn off on etc display remains black.. when I remove the VGA cable.. monitor says no signal otherwise its always black screen when connected to pc.

I tried re seating ram, battery etc but pc always starts with a black screen .. please note that when it works I see no problem in hardware and it even logs in to windows without any issues.. what might be the exact cause for this sudden blackout ? Please advice.. :-(

PS: all fans working normally and I never get beeps even when I boot without ram sticks..

Config: e7300, Intel dg31pr, 2 x 2gb, 500gb sata,
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  1. If you go to the BIOS does it go black too?
  2. Yes when its black I don't even see the post screen.. its like the monitor is off :-(
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    I think it's a ram issue. I had the problem a while back.

    Unplug one ram stick out then boot again. If it didn't boot or you're still getting the black screen, plug it back in (the ram stick you just removed), remove the other one then boot again.
  4. Hey thanks for the reply.. I tried both sticks desperately but no luck.. actually I managed to boot the pc yesterday morning and was able to run it for more than 5 hours with everything working perfectly including the 4 gig ram.. only thing I did for it to boot was remove all wires including CMOS battery overnight and plugged everything and booted in the morning.. when it was booting I got an error saying chksum error and time not set at post screen.. I managed to auto update the time in windows and everything was working for few hours.. this morning also pc got to the post screen but while I was setting the bios time display went black again..

    Is it something to do with the CMOS battery ? I replaced the battery 10 months back only.. should I try replacing it again ? :-(
  5. Don't buy a new one, just reset the CMOS. Have you downloaded any new drivers?
    I got black screens after I updated my display driver.

    Try plugging it to another monitor / TV, your monitor might be the one broken (or VGA cable).
  6. No I didn't make any changes but not sure whether windows 8.1 made any changes to drivers etc

    I don't have a tv to check but when I press a button in the moiitor while the screen is black it shows a white box saying monitor test is good etc
  7. reset CMOS
  8. How can I reset CMOS ? I tried removing battery and putting it back after 5 mins etc is there any jumper or reset button in motherboard ? Mobo model - intel dg31pr

    Update: I found the bios config jumper.. tried both bios jumper and re seating the battery methosd.. stil no luck with the black screen prob :-(
  9. Most motherboards has it, sorry I have to go.
  10. Nuck Chorris said:
    Most motherboards has it, sorry I have to go.

    Hey.. thanks a lot for ur time.. :-)
  11. update: i replaced the cmos battery with a new energizer one then as per nuck chorris's advice i retried booting with 1 ram stick only and magically it worked hehe i guess the problem is related to either my 2nd ram slot or the ram itself.. now im kinda afraid to try adding the second ram lol

    thanks for all the help guys... really appreciate it a lot:-)
  12. Your welcome, ashleyrt.
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