GTX 770 vs R9 280X

As you can see prices on gtx 770 droped crazy now i am in dilema wich to buy

gtx 770 from 260€ up to 400 for 4GB version (
and r9 280x are from 250 € (

whats best price/preformance now
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  1. Both GPUs are similar in performance , but the GTX 770 comes with 3 free games. Ac black flag , batman arkham origins , and splinter cell blacklist. While the newer R9 280x doesn't have any bundles. I'm sure AMD is going to add some deals to the R series cards.

    So I would pick the GTX 770. No need for 4 GB. 2-3 GB is enough , unless you are using multiple monitors , or very high resolutions
  2. 1 more, if a a SLI a gtx 770, would be 4GB ram or would be still just 2gb?
  3. The 7970GHz comes with free games too, and performs same as the 280X. But I'm not sure if he can get the free games over there.

    To make a better decision maybe you can tell us more info:

    Do you do video recording, streaming, encoding, 3D gaming?
    What games you gona play? At what resolution?

    Edit: If you SLI it won't double the effective vram
  4. Well i am up for gaming and work, i do some minor video editing, lots of Photoshoping, and gaming in free time, for res i currently use 1080p monitor.
    And as well i am working with 3d modeling program Blender
  5. Get a 770 :)

    I suggest this really fast one from Palit:
    Or the popular MSI Twin Frozr:

    No need for an expensive 4GB one, won't need it for 1080p gaming. Some cards may be faster but they also cost more. Might as well overclock yourself it's free.
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