CPU red led light won't turn off!

Hello! Recently purchased an asus m5 a99fx rpro2.0 mobo and amd fx eight core processor and everything was working great! Booted windows and everything, ended up getting a new CPU fan and monitor! Installed fan but sort of Jerry rigged since it was massive just ended up being somewhat loose! But still my comp booted up but my monitor kept going into power saving mode. Searches for that to find that possibly not enough power to the system youth I have a 750 watt power supply. Switched back to my old CPU fan and monitor kept saying the same thing and shut in off! Moved my video card around and now my comp won't even boot up! The green light indicating power is own and everything else turns on, fans, I believe the hdd, my disc drive even the CPU fan! Checked the pins on CPU and they were fine but a little piece of thermal adhesive was on the pins! CPU led light won't turn off! Did I corrupt something? Please help!
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  1. Try updating the BIOS or clearing CMOS?
  2. Make sure the HSF on CPU (HEAT SINK FAN) is seated properly, else you would get that red light. And it would damage the CPU.

    Clean any thermal paste left on the pins.

    And try with one RAM stick to get the signal to monitor.
  3. I cleared off the thermal and there was barely any on it! I feel like I "cooked" the CPU by accident because everything was working fine! I sure hope not....I was thinking of brea boarding to check my mobo! I bought everything on newegg and was thinking to just RmA both, your thoughts? Everything else seems to work fine! Also, I'm a little uncertain how to get to BIOS without the system booting entirely
  4. First get rid off that red light, then think of anything else. You can bread board the system if you wish, but if you somehow fried the CPU, it would be of no use bread boarding.

    You could check the MB as it is now by taking out the RAM sticks. If it beeps then its ok, if it doesn't then its gone.

    If you cant properly fit the newly brought HSF then try with the old/stock one to test the CPU.
  5. Well I tried the speaker thing and I know it's installed correctly because of the manual! But it has never beeped when I had other problems that I fixed so I'm not entirely sure if that's the best way to determine if it's the mobo! Is there another way to check? I really don't want to wait for RMA but it's lookin like I might have to, but I don't want to send both in if only one is he problem! Also I have replaced to original hsf as well still same problem
  6. Also read in another forum where someone solved the issue with the same mobo and CPU. They said they fixed it by resting their HDD with the reset button on their case. I wanted to try it but not entirely sure what this means or how to do it
  7. Well I don't know a second method of testing MB. CPU's are hard nut to crack what I mean is they wont melt that easily. When the CPU reaches its utmost temp they will throttle and will shut down on its own to prevent damage. So I think the culprit is the MB.

    And I don't know what other people says about resetting HDD off the case button, it seems like resetting PC while in trouble. But a link will help me understand.
  8. Sorry to respond kind of late! I actually took into a local place where they tested the mobo and found that to be he problem sadly so I RMAed it! Thank you for taking your time to help me out though!
  9. You are welcome.
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