Best GPU for gaming in 1920x1080 resolution?

Guys what is the best card for gaming in 1920x1080 resolution.

I know ofc I could buy a Titan and problem would be solved but I don't want it to be and overkill.

So what would be best to play in maxed details in 1920x1080?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. A GTX 770 can do it most of the time, but for more longevity you could get a 290x or 780, maybe even the 780Ti thats coming soon. You may also think of how long you want to play at high setting before your next upgrade. Something thats overkill now maybe just be what you need in a year with newer games.
  2. I never pay more than $200-$230 for a GPU and upgrade every 18-24 months. My EVGA GTX 560Ti still runs BF3 very well and is near my upgrade date. Many games aren't as demanding. I will be picking up BF4 in a few weeks and see how it goes. I will likely have a GPU on my Santa wishlist this year but will see how this goes, first.
  3. gtx 680 or 290x...smooth 60-100 fps MSAAx4
  4. Yah I was thinking about 290X but...from what I heard about noise and temp I am not so sure anymore :/
  5. yes 290x is hot and noisy....its very cheap but has many cons
  6. I am hoping that 780Ti will be faster than 290X and with less noise,hot etc.
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    290x does not make sense at this moment. 290 is just 5% slower than 290x($550) and cost $150 less.
  8. I have the 290x and yes, to cool it right now until I get WC or an aftermarket cooler it is loud and needs to be so on some top-end games, especially when playing a long time. I use MSI afterburner though so its real easy to switch the fan settings and OC.

    Honestly, I would get the 290 if I were you. I love my 290X to death because it makes BF4 look gorgeous at 1080P. It is a bit overkill though, however, it gives me that monitor upgrade option in the future.
  9. I will consider 290 or 290X,I am not running WC tho atm and I am not planning to so the noise/temp issue is really a problem.
  10. Windmike said:
    I am hoping that 780Ti will be faster than 290X and with less noise,hot etc.

    yes but 780 ti is probably 700$
  11. yah well thats true but question is if better performance from 780Ti is worth additional $$$
  12. or maybe just x2 780 should do the trick as well right?
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