Building a gaming PC first attempt advice please

Hi, i am new to building computers and i was looking to upgrade to a decent gaming pc, mainly so that i can play battlefield 4 and other games. like most people i want to do this for as cheap as possible, but at the same time if that means that i will end up with a rubbish system that cant handle games then whats the point! i am not overly fussed about ultra setting (alothugh it would be nice) but high settings with 60 fps would be good. so far i have this;
basically i want to know if i am way of the mark?
are there any parts in this build that are over powered or under powered?
what size case would fit this all in and do i need a fan or would the one included be powerful enough?
and any other bits of advice would be great, sorry for all the questions very new to all of this :heink::
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    Upgrade means you have one right now correct? You might have some parts you can use from your old computer in the new one, unless you wanted to keep it as it is.

    This looks like a good computer to me. If you also want a mouse, you can pick up the Logitech K120 keyboard/mouse combo which is a very good combo and should be cheap still.
  2. i have a dell xps laptop so sadly i think upgrading is very difficult if not impossible. if i had this case would it be large enough? and the fan decent enough to cool the system? thanks for the answer nice to know i am on the right track!
  3. That is a good case, and would fit all of your components well and keep them cool.
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