5.1 On MSI g43 z77a

My problem is , I have a subwoofer to which all 5 my speakers are connected. And I have a single 3.5mm green jack cable for the subwoofer to connect to the pc.
The motherboard has 6 diffrent color jacks for centre/sub etc. But I can't get the surround sound to work , as it only gives me 2.1.

What adapter am I missing or setting.

Any help would be appreciated . Thanks
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  1. Strange there should be 3, 3.5mm jacks to plug into your motherboard for 5.1. I guess not all speakers are the same though. I have green, black, and pink for my set of logitech x-530s.

    If the motherboard has realtek onboard audio. Set 5.1 in the realtek control panel, and then enable speaker fill in the options as well and see if that fixes it. You may have to select 5.1 in the windows volume control options as well. Playback settings will be where you find those options in the volume control center.
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