Will a i5-3570K CPU fit into a GIGABYTE GA-H55M-S2?

looking to by my brother in law a CPU for christmas but noticed that he has a 1156 motherboard, it says that it works with i5 cards but i don't think it will allow this one as it says that it requires a LGA1155 port.

Any help would be useful and i hope this isn't a repeated post (i struggled to make out the answer in other posts)
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    No, the socket is incompatible.

    Here is the list of what that motherboard supports exactly:
  2. No, unfortunately that CPU will not fit in his MB.

    The 1156 Socket works with first generation i-Series processors (i5-xxx)

    The CPU you are looking at is a third generation.

    Second and third generation i-Series (i5-2xxx / i5-3xxx) use socket 1155.

    4th Gen i-Series (i5-4xxx) use socket 1150.
  3. Thank you all for your help looks like i will need to update his motherboard as well. ^^
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