17-2630qm thermal paste and gpu (Laptop)?

Hi I have a Lenovo y570 and I have cleaned out fans etc and while gaming still reaches 93c and Gpu 90c.I have a few questions first I,ve read online that since the QM is a mobile chip and has no IHS that the pea sized method doesn't work and it needs to spread fully on chip ? is that true
Second question I have 4 cores and is ok to spread thermal paste on heatsink,GPU and CPU ? Will putting thermal paste on CPU bring down all the core temps or just the package
On the GPU gt555m will i use the pea size method?
Thanks in advance
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  1. The silver rectangle on the cpu or square for the gpu is the actual die itself and is the only part that should have paste on it. Spreading thermal paste on the silicon is useless and covering it all will just insulate it. Don't use conductive paste. You can use the same methods as cpus with ihs but with a smaller area to cover, you won't need as much.
  2. Easy job and it doesn't take much, use only the good stuff and your temps will be lower but expect to top out in the 80s. Scrub the cooler by hand with a brush and the same for the fan till there is very little to no dust for better results.
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