Can I change my processor?

I have an laptop with i3 337U and I want to change for an i5 processor
Can i do it?
Vaio fit 15E
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  1. The odds are very, very strong that you can't change a processor on a laptop. What make and model do you have?
  2. As far as I am aware the CPU is soldered onto the motherboard? Someone please correct me if I am wrong?
  3. Yep, you're doomed. Jk. If you really want to customize your computer get a Desktop PC.
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    Yeah, there is no chance of that happening. Laptops have their CPUs basically welded to the MoBo. To try and remove it is as folly as it sounds.
    Another major problem is that almost nobody sells Laptop CPUs because of this.
  5. There is no i3 337U
    it either a i3 3227U, i5 3317U, or i5 3337U
  6. U models can't be changed out as they are BGA (soldered to the board) M and QM models can be upgraded. You will have to look to other means of improving performance or suffer through.
  7. This is the laptop trade-off. Portability vs price, performance, and upgrade options.
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