Need help chooshing first mechanical keyboard

I'm currently using a backlit wireless piece of shit that I bought for roughly $40 from about a year ago. It stopped charging correctly yesterday so I've been given only the amount of time it takes for the battery to die to shop for a new keyboard.

I've been researching for about a day now and I think I want to sink some money into a mechanical keyboard. From what I've gathered I think a Cherry Brown switch would suit me best. If I were to break down my keyboard usage between gaming and typing(as that seems to be the trend) we're probably looking at around 65% gaming and 35% typing. Since cherry black and red seem to be the most popular options for gaming and I don't always boot my computer up strictly to game, I figured something close to a "middle ground" would be appropriate.

Backlit keys are a must. I haven't been able to find a board with the option of switching between multiple backlight colors, and if I HAD to settle on only one(I do not want to settle on only one) it would be white.

I really like the TKL(tenkeyless) minimalist design. I'm not very drawn to the bulkiness of some of these other "gaming keyboards". I am by no means interested in a board that can be easily described with the words "fancy" or "overkill". My desk isn't all that cluttered but I don't need a huge gaming keyboard with 40 extra buttons and knobs and a touchscreen with widgets. I don't need a little fan to keep my hands cool or to be able to use the board to update my effing twitter.

I don't really care about how loud the keyboard is. I don't have friends... or anyone who's going to complain about my obnoxiously loud keystrokes keeping them up at night.

I'd say my top dollar is $150.
Right now this^ is what I'm looking at buying.
If anyone knows of a cheaper alternative or a better board that I might like more, I'd really appreciate your feedback.

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  1. i just got the cooler master ultimate with brown switch so far so good its my first mech. it was at the egg for about $ 100 it seems like i got a nice keyboard now all i need to do is hope it holds up seems well built i'm happy
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