I dropped my hard drive WD My Passport

I dropped my hard drive from about 4 ft on a tile ground and now When I plug my hard drive into my Mac the light flashes for a couple seconds then it the light just stays on. My Mac won't read it anymore. Is there anyway to fix it? Nothing sounds loose or anything. I have a lot of personal and important data on it that I can't afford to lose..
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  1. It might be the circuit board inside the enclosure, or it may be the actual drive.

    Take the drive out and plug it into another enclosure or USB dock. See what happens.
    If that doesn't work, it may well be the actual drive.
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    If it isn't accessing when you plug it in chances are that it's dead. There are companies that will try to recover data from a broken hard drive, but they tend to be expensive and carry no guarantee of fully retrieving the data.
  3. You may be able to open the enclosure and install the drive inside a computer to see if it can be read.

    Sometimes dropping is just too much for the drive.

    Kind of 50/50 chance here.
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