How recover data from a Linux drive formatted with NTFS?

I have a NAS device, somehow stop working, I wasn't able to access the data in any way. I decide to crack open the device and put the hard drive on my computer. Of course windows ask to format the drive. But instead I used all kind of software's to recover it, but no luck. I finally formatted with NTFS hoping that from there I could recover it. Turn's out that software's finds files as windows log files and all kind of stuff, but not the data and all life time pictures that I need.
The NAS device had a partition of 20 GB with it seam to be the operating system partition.
Device: IOMEGA EZ Media Center Backup
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  1. why would you format it? It just erases everything off of it.

    You can try a free program Recuva and run a scan on it and see if your lucky at all.
  2. What recovery programs have you tried already? As suggested, try Recuva but use the deep scan option.
  3. popatim said:
    What recovery programs have you tried already? As suggested, try Recuva but use the deep scan option.

    EASUS Data Recovery Professional
    Stellar Phoenix Windows data recovery
    DiskInternals Partition Recovery
  4. If you did quick format, then you may have a chance in recovering some files, as long as you didn't write to the drive.

    A quick format just overwrites the partition table, leaving the actual data on the disk intact.

    If you did a full format (takes a long time) your data is toast, unless you want to pay professional recovery specialists ridiculous amounts of money.
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    I did a recovery on an IomegaEZ before, the 2TB model. Looking at my notes it uses a Linux XFS filesystem on top of a Logical Volume on top of Linux Software RAID. Also there are two partitions. The second is the XFS one which has your data. So hopefully you did a quick format that just clobbered the first partition, leaving your data recoverable. Your best bet is to look at the drive from a Linux Boot CD. If you get stuck shoot me a PM I may be able to help.
  6. Solution was OnTrack Easy Recovery Professional. With this software I got most of my data back.
    Best Recovery Software Ever
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