how to stop someone from spoofing an IP address

when I turn off my router for a while , someone is spoofing an address to try to gain access but my router blocks it...and my router log says blocked access..( IP address spoofing came from wrong interface ) does someone have my IP address?:??:

Long before now my pc was not protected with WPA2-PSK I only had the mac addresses of
the things that I wanted on the mac filter list to access my pc... but since I've notice that every time I turn off my router for a while and turn it back on my router log says IP address spoofing so now I secured my pc with WPA2-PSK...
but the same thing happens ,I even created a new account just to get another IP address...and still have the same with the new IP address and account I have tried to hide it... but in doing so , now I have something that shows up saying (other network), could this be the same account and IP address that I had before?
and how can I remove this other network from my account.:??:..both are Pass word protected with same pass words and both seems to be the same Accounts and with the same problem.
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  1. I'm going to say random port scanning, if its blocked its not a problem. just delete one of the networks.
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