GPU (GTX 660) voltage too low, help please I don't know what to do

Greetings! Recently I've bought a ZOTAC GTX 660. I fresh installed W8 x64 with the latest NVIDIA drivers. When gaming, I kept getting black screens + GRRRR/stuck sound freezes, which forced me to reboot and sometimes I even had to turn off/turn on my PSU or my computer wouldn't boot. It would happen on every game.

After big research I found out my video card idle voltage is at 0.875V and on 99% load mine gets to maximum 1.062V. On benchmarks a default GTX660 ZOTAC voltage is 1.175V, pretty far from mine.

What could be causing my GPU to be running on low voltage? Is it a problem with itself or with something else?

My system:
DG41RQ (old 775 motherboard, 10 months old)
Q8400 + DDR2800 Kingston (not overclocked)
Corsair 430w v2.2 (10 months old)
GTX 660 Zotac (6 days old)
HDD 1TB SATA 7200RPM (10 months old)

Testing I've made:
i) memtest86, 12h, 100% ok no fails.
ii) furmark, 8hr, I get a "1" on power but no crashes and all stable. Card reaches at most 95% TDP even changing max power settings (it's on 100%).
iii) kombustor, no crashes, ran perfectly. prime95, no problems.
iv) played lots of games, I got black screens on 80% of them, excluding the really non-demanding ones (like 2d ones).
v) temperature gets AT MOST to 70ºC on 99% load after 15 minutes. It's not overheating. Fans work good as well.
vi) I tested EVERY rail on my PSU and they're all working.
vii) tested bad blocks on my HDD, no problems.
viii) tried to check dump files, couldn't find any, it's a videocard crash and not a system crash.

What I believe it might be:
i) Not enough PSU power for my system. On the extreme calculator it said 330W so I thought it could be OK for my system. The PSU is 10 months old.
ii) Faulty videocard (highly doubt it)
iii) Driver related issue (tested, but crashed with others, including 314.22)
iv) Some problem as my motherboard is old and it might not deliver enough power (?)

I can't adjust voltage scrolls on MSI afterburner/precision X or zotac firestorm, they seem to be locked. Also, I can get my power limited to go higher than 100%, but on benchmark software like FurMark it will at most get to 95%.

Help please you guys are my last hope.
Thanks in advance.
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  1. should be 1.175v. check that its not thermal throttling. One thing i have done to resolve some issues, is use nvidia inspector, create batch files for forced OC and voltage, no boost clock (there are guides if you search to do this). Seems many of these new cards, both AMD and nvidia with "boost clock" have throttling issues every now and then. Also check your manufacturers site for a BIOS update.
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