Blue Screen Problem in Windows 8

I just bought a new motherboard (m5a97 r2.0) and a cpu (Fx 8350) ,but ive been having problems since i installed them, i have no idea whats causing the blue screen.I tried memtest but no errors.Please Help

*Viper 3 Series, Black Mamba Edition DDR3 16GB (2 x 8GB)
*FX-8350 Processor
*M5A97 R2.0
*Hydro H60 High Performance CPU Cooler
*WD Caviar Black 1TB
*Windows 8 Pro
*HD7770 DirectCU V2 Radeon HD 7770
*Antec 620 psu

I had my 2x8gb,7770 and Psu before i bought the motherboard and cpu.Really need help=(
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  1. What's the error that shows up?

  2. Most of the time its System_Service_Exception,
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