Wattage question: EVGA ACX GTX 780 with i5-3750K

Hi everyone,

My friend recently purchased an EVGA ACX GTX 780 graphics card without noticing that it stated a 600W PSU was required. He has a 550W PSU right now, paired with an i5-3570k.

I was wondering if the 550W PSU would be fine with those components? I have used this calculator: and it only recommends a 441W power supply with all the components he has.

I have also looked here:,7.html which states they recommend a 550W PSU if there is no overclocking going on with the CPU (there isn't in this case)

Thank you
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  1. What is the PSU
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    If its a good PSU, absolutely. I'm running a 3570K at 4.5Ghz and 780 overclocked on a Seasonic 520w, and have been doing so since the 780 launch, no issues.
  3. Deuce65 said:
    What is the PSU

    That one. It is 80+ certified, I noticed.

  4. It will be close but it should have enough power. You may need an adapter though as it requires two 8 pin pcie power connections.
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