70C Idle temp ? 3930k p9x79 h100i

i do not understand why it is running at 70C idle and under about 10% load 91C my pump and fans are working fine too...
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  1. 70c Idle? o.o

    Did you seat the CPU correctly? Make sure the H100i pump is actually working as well, and plugged into CPU_FAN.

    Go into the BIOS and let us know what temperatures it is reporting.

    This may just be a faulty thermal reader, but I havent heard of idle temps that high ever.

    Did you apply thermal paste? If so, how much?
  2. I did use the pre-applied thermal paste as I did not have extra on hand and in the bios the system is still reporting the same temperatures. the cpu is seated correctly and the h100i has water flowing through the tubes
  3. also the 6th core tends to run 8C-10C hotter than the rest
  4. Yeah, I think its probably an CPU reporting issue, the pre applied thermal paste is fine.

    Intel Email Support: click.support@Intel.com
    Phone: 1.877.649.5817


    Good luck with your issue.
  5. thank you also a cold boot is at 50C instantly but I think that might be the issue.
    I am going to install new drivers to see if it fixes it for bios and chipset
  6. i have updated all driver for mb, cpu, and h100i. I have about a 50C idle now ... better but under load still maintains about 81-87
  7. Load shouldnt be that high, Ivy Bridge-E is soldered, can you replace it or get an RMA?
  8. I will check on that
  9. I will probably RMA it but i can limit the temp with RealTempGt right now.
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