How can I increase my gaming performence

my rating performence is gaming graphics is 1.0 mean i can't play a 3D game...

How to solve this problem???thanks
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  1. help if you provided your pc specs and is this a windows performance rating?
    and is this a laptop or a pc
    and do you want us to provide part upgrade suggestions or just ways to improve performance
  2. If you list your computer specs you will make it easier for someone to answer your question. For example you might want to list the components such as CPU, motherboard, RAM and in your case specifically the GPU. The more detailed specs the better.
  3. ok this is my computer list: Processor:Intel Pentium 4 CPU
    RAM:1 Gb

    I want to Increase my computer...or anything...
  4. It might be time for a new PC. Your CPU is several generations old and I'd recommend at least 2 gig of memory for XP, 4+ gig for win 7 and win 8.
  5. Get more ram at first
  6. Add more ram to that Pc would just be throwing good money away
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