Is amd gfx compactible with a intel based cpu ?

My CPU has Intel i5 3rd gen. 3.10GHz processor and ASRock Z87 4th gen Intel based Motherboard . I have xfx geforce GT630 2GB graphics card . i am upgrading my graphics card .
I liked the MSI R9 280X 3GB graphics card . But i want to know if it will work with my intel based Motherboard and graphics card. If it works will the performance be hampered ? Or should i buy a Nvidia graphics card ?
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  1. No u can upgrade it to the AMD card its compatible
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    It'll work great. I have an i5-4670k and an MSI 7850 and they work great together. You should have a fantastic time with the 280X
  3. You can fit any graphics card.... Nvidia or AMD .... Graphics card has to do nothing with an Intel based motherboard or AMD based motherboard... It just has to do with the PCIe slots..
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