Going from AMD 7770 to Nvidia GTX 660

Need Help with procedure to change out these cards in Win 7 !!
How to uninstall all AMD drivers ?
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  1. use amd catalyst uninstaller program to uninstall AMD drivers or similar program
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    Just go in your control panel and uninstall your AMD drivers, then change your graphics card and install the NVIDIA ones from there website or just install GeForce Experience (keeps your drivers up to date).
  3. Thanks Impain, appreciate the Help !
    Who's Lord Ponce, who declared this as best answer ?
    Just curious !
  4. Okay it's up & running.
    Used ImPain advice & also DudeWit advice as had to remove AMD catylst in order to remove all
    AMD device installs.
    Thanks Guys
  5. i always use driversweeper to remove drivers when having problems, or when switching between cards. It removes registry entries the standard uninstalls dont remove. Download it and run it and you will see.
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