PC Restarts when put to sleep, or shut down.

Hi, so as the title says, when I try to put my computer to sleep, or even shut it down, it shuts off, then about 2 seconds later, does a fresh boot. I've changed all of the Mouse and Keyboard settings in Device Manager to not allow them to wake the computer from sleep. I've also disabled the Wake Timer's in Power Management. I've looked in my Bios for power settings in there, but I wasn't able to find any. I run a Z87-PRO Motherboard. Would really like to get the problem solved.

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  1. First make sure you did not put as wake up event the mouse or pci (unless you need the wake-on-lan feature).
    Second make sure you have installed ACPI drivers in OS and enabled ACPI in bios with latest version.
    Also when starting from deep sleep mode the system appear to start normaly.... sometimes can be mistaken with reboot. To verify let open an document and after "reboot" if it is still open you know that it didn`t reboot and perform as it should. Also a bad shutdown means that next boot will have a screen that informe you the windows did not shutdown cleanly... and has a timer which allow you to choose to start normaly
    For the reboot issue: could be from bad PSU or with the RAM could be an issue (with its refresh rate: memory can`t hold it`s content until refresh - and that could cause a reboot)...
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