Can this PSU handle a GTX 770?

I currently have this PSU.
and was wondering if it would be able to power this GTX 770 4GB Windforce.
I currently have this motherboard too
otherwise i have just 2 hard drives which shouldnt use up much power. I was told from a friend that i would need a new PSU in order to use this video card, is this correct? do i have to buy a better one? any help would be much appreciated.
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    That psu has enough watts and enough amps to power the GTX 770 no problem.

    Except there is a problem. Coolmax. Very low quality parts in that power supply. I personally would not trust it to power a great card like the 770. If you have the funds, replace it immediately. Something like an XFX, corsair (non CX models), Antec HCG, or seasonic for example.

    I'd be more worried about the coolmax destroying it, along with other components.
  3. Ok, Ill look into a new PSU. thank you for the help!
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