Which Graphic card to buy with a New pc Casing

I am Currently in Mumbai India
hey there i currently have a dell inspiron 580s bu i wanted to upgrade it to a good gaming pc

my current config
1tb wdd hdd
i donno about ram but in total its 4 gb
intel core i3
windows 8 pro n
nvidia geforce8400gs 512 mb

please suggest me which graphic card to buy
and even a good new casing(cabinet)
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  1. it depends on your budget, but personally i wont go lower than a 7770 (or current gen equivalent)
  2. I'm a little worried about the power supply numbers but maybe an AMD 260x or GeForce GTX 650 Ti.
  3. ok since i am chaning the cabinet power supply wont be a problem but u suggest are they compatible with 580 s screen and motherboard i.e the original one since im short on budget i.e 100usdollars
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