MSi GTX 770 Lightning or Sapphire R9 280X Toxic

Hey Guys,

I'm in between these two cards. The only thing that I'm stuck on is the PSU requirement. Nvidia very nicely state on their site that the 770 will require a minimum of 600w. Now I had a 550w Gold 80+ Seasonic G Series on my parts list but am now considering upping it to the 650w Gold 80+ G Series (If need be). Is the 600w recommendation from Nvidia in case of people cheap 600w PSU? Would I be able to run a 770 on a 550w 80+ Gold?

Then there's the requirement for the 280X Toxic. I had a look on Anandtech and it seems the 280X is quite a hungry piece of kit. Can anyone shed some light on this? Sapphire recommend a 750w PSU but again is a 750w 80+ Gold needed or is this for 80+ Bronze?
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  1. Saphire Toxic 280x without a doubt!
    with a decent 650watt PSU.

    Though if you consider the GTX 770, grab a decent 600~650 watt PSU.
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    A 650w good branded PSU would be enough for the R9 280X. So you should get a 650w if u want a R9 280x. The 280X is better than the 770 as well. But if you want the 770, it wont be neccessary to replace your PSU.
  3. I've got no preference (one of my friends is just telling me Nvidia even though I've read really good things about the new Amd cards).

    If the 280X is the better card then I'll just get the 650w 80+ Gold Seasonic PSU and hopefully that'll do the trick. The games bundle with the 280X is also very nice.
  4. Well you could easily spend a little more for 700-750w. I would go for that to be 100% sure, and you'd be able to OC as well. But yes 650w is ok.
  5. Would you recommend 80 + Gold?
  6. viowithcrailtap said:
    Would you recommend 80 + Gold?

    Not if you are on a tight budget.

    Bronze-Silver will be perfect!
  7. Well I've found the 750w 80+ Gold psu from seasonic and the difference is £10 at the moment.
  8. viowithcrailtap said:
    Well I've found the 750w 80+ Gold psu from seasonic and the difference is £10 at the moment.

    Go for it :)
    and you may want to close the thread.
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