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My laptop came with Windows Vista Business installed. It was upgraded by my employer to Windows Enterprise addition using their volume product key. I have subsequently left their employment and Windows is requesting an online activation. Must I purchase a Windows 7 Enterprise product key or can I upgrade my existing Windows Vista Business Product Key?
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  1. if it running windows 7, you need the windows 7 key.
  2. It seems that you will need to purchase a valid Windows 7 or 8 license. As you are no longer an employee at the company that provided the previous license, your current system is no longer "activated".

    You should be able to purchase an upgrade license and bring your system current.
  3. Enterprise uses KMS, and must contact a key server at minimum once every 180 days. You cannot purchase a key for personal use. Wipe and reinstall using other than Enterprise is your only option.
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