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I'm looking to purchase the ASUS Maximus VI Hero motherboard along with the G. Skill Trident X (2400/CL10) RAM. Since the motherboards native clock speed is 1600, I wanted to check the compatibility or the two components. The Part number for the RAM kit I'm looking at is F3-2400C10D-16GTX. Will this work with the Hero motherboard without issues? Will I need to do anything to keep it in a safe operating condition (such as enable XMP profiles)? What exactly does XMP do?

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    Yep they work fine, there's no problem with them. Have had them in my Hero (the 32GB set of same works also as does the 16 and the 32GB set of 2666 Tridents (CL11), simply enable XMP and your good. XMP (eXtreme Memory Profile, is a standard developed by Intel where DRAM makers place the optimal info, DRAM timings/settings in the SPD of the DRAM, when enabled in the BIOS the BIOS takes that info and sets the system up automatically to run the DRAM at optimal settings
  2. Okay awesome. So essentially the XMP will take care of everything and I will not need to manually enter any settings into the BIOS? How do you feel about 2666/CL11 Tridents vs. 2400/CL10 Tridents?
  3. Love 'em, I got the 2400 set for my IB 3570K about a year and a half ago, and have been hooked on the Tridents ever since (Gskill's Sniper sets are now my #2 pick for Intel and still #1 for AMD which has problems with higher end DRAM due to their weaker MC), but after looking decided on the 2666 for my Haswell build, would have gone 2800, but big, big price jump from 2666 and were very scarce when I built
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