Access to safe mode from F5 or F8 disabled

Since a recent Trojan/rootkit attack, I have been unable to access Safe Mode properly by pressing F5 in the conventional manner. Once Windows has launched fully and the Start button is visible I can then access Safe Mode via Run\msconfig. If I use the conventional F5 method, the initial Safe Mode options appear but I am unable to move the cursor up to my preferred choice e.g. Safe Mode with networking. I have, as far as I judge, successfully removed the offending Trojan/rootkit using AdwCleaner. To be on the safe side, I also temporarily disable System Restore and then reenabled it.
I have also run:
Subinacl.msi – from the MS website
By way of background, (this is not an exact account, but gives you a rough idea of the sequence of events as far as I can recall) I initially realised that my PC had suffered some type of attack when the mouse became unusable, shooting to the top left of the monitor. After restarting in Safe Mode I was able to run System Restore, which appeared to have fixed the problem. However, a day or so later the computer suddenly displayed a black screen and appeared to have suffered a hardware failure. I restarted it in successfully in Safe Mode, shut down and restarted normally, but the problem was repeated. I then attempted to restart in Safe Mode but was confronted with a screen requesting that I press F2 to enter setup – which probably unwisely I did. The machine then briefly entered the BIOS, but was uncontrollable and then restarted. I assume something malicious took place during that time. I was then able to restart, but the machine was running very fast and noisily and System Idle Process and WPFFCache4.000.exe(or similar) were taking large amounts of resources. I smelt a large rat, disabled WPFFC...exe and eventually managed to access Safe Mode via Run & msconfig sys. Having run a variety of scans, which found nothing, I finally ran AdwCleaner, which, as I expected discovered and removed a pile of dodgy stuff from the registry, since when the machine has run excellently, with the single exception that Safe Mode is still behaving abnormally. I assume some component has been altered/deleted, which ideally I would like to restore.

I am running:
Windows XP Sp3
MS Office 2007
AVG 2014 free edition
Spybot – latest edition
SpywareBlaster – latest updates
+ lots of other programs.
Any suggestions as how to correct this problem would be most helpful.
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  1. Download a live version tool like the AVG Rescue CD (see below) and use it to clean your system. Download the tool, burn to disk. Boot from that disk and update the app when asked. Do a full scan and remove all the nasties it finds. This will not affect your XP install and saved files otherwise.

    Good luck!
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