PSU OEM list and "good" components?

My friend and I are planning his next build. Right now we're spending a lot of time trying to finalize the "best" PSU for the build.

We're planning a PC with an Intel i7-4820K CPU, AsRock x79 Extreme6 mobo, MSI GeForce GTX 770 (4GB) and 32GB of memory.

My calculations says we'll be OK with 650W. To be totally safe we've decided to look in the 860W range, just on case hee later decides to add stuff.

The PSU we most like is the Seasonic SS-860XP2. Unfortunately, it and also a COrsair in the same range all has some review comments on Newegg about coil whine or electrical noise. The same appears in a review of the Seasonic on Anandtech.

Anandtech also reviews the XFX Proseries P1-1000-BELX, but that's a *lot* more money and maybe overkill in the power area. They do mention that this one is totally silent, though. No coil whine.

In the Anandtech review, it comes across that the XFX is OEM from Seasonic,. I found here on Toms' a link to a site with lots of lists and I see the Seasonic OEMs for many brands. So do Super Flower and a few others. The list is not simple though, I have to click on every manufacturer to see if they make components for others.

My question is if there is a better reference for who the real OEM manufacturers are and then also who the "good" ones are that uses quality components?

On Anandtech I saw some unfavorable reviews for Kingwin and Superflower, and I recall that Lepa didn't get good reviews.

Enermax I think is iffy.

Antec is the only guys whose PSU blew up in a PC of mine and took out so many components it was easier to just build a new one that try and figure out the damage. APart from that I've had a few of them and they're OK.

Lately I used Seasonic and Corsair with (as of now) good results.

Surprisingly, the reviews of Fractal Design PSUs are not as strong as I would have hoped.

Any other opinions to share?
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