seagate ST1000DM003 vs Western Digital WD Green WD10EZRX

i planning to buy a new pc with i3 4th gen i need to know which hard drive should i choose from them.
As i am already using 250gb each one of WD green and seagate. both are old. both i had to take in warranty couple of times too. and right now i am using WD as my main and partition for my main stuff downloading, deleting and so on. while seagate is just storage

and as the warranty are both same 2 years limited here.
which one is right.

i will have around 3-4 partition in them.

one for download, which will be used alot. movies n shows n stuff. torrent n streaming too.

other for my main c drive until i get a ssd (expensive at the moment) or just use my current one.

then they will be a storage partition for everything and lastly for office work.

there price range is almost same.

As WD black is expensive here.
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  1. Seagate any time of the day. WD and their related brads are at the lowest tier of quality, specially their green/blue line. Always had problems with WD. Stopped buying them even on discount. Hitachi or Seagate for me.
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    I dislike "Green" hard drives. They are slower, takes longer to "ramp up" and only use slightly less power than a "regular" HDD.

    If those are your only choices I would go for the Seagate.
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