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I am soon going to build a computer for gaming and game recording and editing (youtube). My idea for the parts so far are
Intel I7 4770k £ 235
Maximus VI hero £150
Reference Gtx 780 £400
Corsair h100i £90
Gskill ripjawsx 8gb 2133mhz mhz £65
Samsung 840 evo 120gb £70
Western digital caviar black 1tb £ 70
Corsair rm 1000w £135
Corsair obsidian 750d £140
Windows 8.1 £85
Total £ 1335
Will the record be hampered by the fact that it will be recorded to the same drive as the game i playing from, the wd black?
Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    Generally you would want a dedicated drive, preferably one that is clean of other items so that sequential write are happening without seeks. Sometimes using an SSD helps, but the you sacrifice a huge amount of space, and since videos are huge then you probably don't want to sink the money in to that anyway.

    One thing you could do is get a second drive and split it in half, where the first part of the drive is a dedicated drive for video recording and the second half is for data archival or backups of important data. You could do something similar with software like Ultimate Defrag and move all data to the end of the drive before you plan on doing and recordings.

    Though, I would try the NVidia shadow play stuff first, since it uses the video card to compress your video before the drive needs to write it anyway you may not need that much drive bandwidth anymore anyway. The best bet is probably a try before you buy just to be sure, you may be happy with the performance with the single drive anyway (and aren't your games going to be running off the SSD?).
  2. yes it will hamper some what with your recording if you play and record on the same hard drive. You dont need to pimp out for game storage, but for recording you kinda do. so get a new hard drive only for recording and use Dxtory as a software to record with because it does not mess with your fps at all (which is why its so famous now).

    Make sure when you get a hard drive for game recording that IT IS NOT formatted in FAT32. FAT32 only supports files up to 4Gb and you need a hard drive that can be formatted to something that supports 120Gb for a 20min video to be recorded without stoping on its own. I am trying to find a hard drive for myself right now that can be formatted to such an extent because I have a passport for my boot camped mac that is formatted in FAT32.
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