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I am trying to sort out my lad's Laptop - Toshiba L300 1A3.

On running CPU-Z it shows that the memory is running at 332.5, but both Memory Sticks are PC2 6400 (400). Also, the JDEC info on both is identical.
Can anyone tell me why they are not running at 400mhz?

Thank you
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    Hello... The CPU FSB speed dictates the speed of of the memory... your CPU is running at 333mhZ FSB... Since it's DDR2 you multiply it times 2, your ram is running at 666mhZ... you have PC2 6400 or also called DDR2 800.
  2. Thanks. Does that mean the Memory is over-capable. Should I replace it with 667mhz stuff?
  3. It may be that the laptop motherboard/BIOS only supports 333 (667) Mhz (regardless of whether 400 (800) Mhz is installed). This can be especially true in some systems where both memory slots are populated (vice using a single SO-DIMM).

    The performance difference is insignificant. I wouldn't be concerned if all else works properly.
  4. Thank again. Will ignore it :-)
  5. Hello... Your current ram is just fine with that computer...
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