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can i install windows xp onto an external hard drive?

I have an external hard drive attached to my laptop, but I would like to load windows xp pro onto that drive and use it when I am at work for programs to operate at work, but I have windows vista home premium on my laptop loaded into the laptop's hard drive and how can I boot from the external hdd with windows xp pro when I am at work?
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  1. you cant legaly do that mate sorry. the key will prevent xp from activating as soon as it sees the new hardware.
    also xp is at its eol so would present a serious security flaw to the system you attach it to... so i think your boss would have something to say and even escort you out the door without pay for bypassing his security protocols that should be in place for any business pc.
    i know this isnt what you wanted to hear but its the truth...

    not only that. getting the pc to boot off an external drive is hit and miss, it depends entirely on the bios/eufi and whether it will allow the usb to be used as a boot device. even when they do allow it it will be painfully slow...
    so no mate there are multiple reasons why this cant and shouldnt be done.
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    If your laptop has the ability to boot from USB then you should be able to, you'll probably have to interrupt the boot when you want to boot from the external (unless you set USB to highest boot priority, which is always a good thing).
  3. Windows Setup doesn't support installing to an external storage device. Put simply, Windows Setup will not allow you to choose an external drive as the target for installation.
  4. guess you best look here mate.. its not simple or straight forward but it can be done... but like i said it will invalidate the key as soon as its run and picks up the new hardware.
  5. did you follow the step by step?
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