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Hello forum members, today the thought crossed my mind of getting a nice gaming laptop. I know there's a lot of them out there, but I also know most of them are overpriced beyond belief. (I'm looking at you Alienware) So I came here to ask this question: What is a good gaming laptop that has great performance and I can run Windows 7 instead of 8 by request or other means. I also would sacrifice portability for performance with this machine, and would like to keep it in the $2000 range. Thanks for your thoughts guys.If possible I would also appreciate a recommendation on portable, comfortable, good sounding 5.1 or better headphones for this machine, as I don't generally like to use speakers. I would also like have a larger screen, as I do have vision problems and a larger screen would be very helpful.
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  1. This is a great laptop that will play most games max settings for a while. Its got a 17.3 inch screen at 1920 x 1080. Its also got windows 7. Its $1940 with the 3% cash discount. I recomend chosing the clean install of windows option for $15. Other than that everything is good.
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