AMD Phenom II 965 x4 black edition ~ 3.4 ghz and Battlefield 4

So I recently Just got the new EVGA 2gb GTX 770 in the hopes of being able to play on ultra at a solid 60 fps and stream on about medium. Well unfortunately my hopes were not achieved. I'm getting about 30-50 fps depending on the situation( huge firefight or just walking around). I wondered what it could be and I noticed that my cpu usage was consistently 80-90%. Anyone have any ideas? I have 8gb ram. Playing on a 32" Samsung LED tv at 1920x1080. Also does anyone ideas what would be a good processor to upgrade to if I need to.
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  1. Hi,

    at that resolution you need to upgrade your cpu / mobo and memory (ddr3).
    Even if you overclock AMD Phenom II 965 x4, you will only get minimal gain since BF4 is CPU intensive.
    EVGA 2gb GTX 770 paired with a fx-6300 or core i5 will give you much better performances.
  2. My mother board is BIOS TA990FXE and what is the ddr3?
  3. I would customize your settings some of them make very little difference. I have a Phenom ii x4 3.86ghz oc 8 gb ddr3 and a heavily oced GTX 480 and I run pretty nice settings at 50-75 fps. All ultra except lighting quality medium(only really effects shadows) use the 2nd AA option it's FXAA and looks fine without killing your frames turned down terrain density as this just adds stuff that makes enemies harder to see motion blur and weapon DOF also turned off but my res scale(will make the biggest difference in how good the game looks) is at 130 I run at 1920x1200 with these settings and the game is beautiful.
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