Problem after switching from AMD 7950 to integrated Intel HD 4000

I have AMD Sapphire 7950 and Intel 3770K with integrated HD 4000. I never used this integrated card. Now after 1 year I need replace my AMD card, so now I need use couple days only this integrated card. Problem is that after I unplug AMD card, PC is still rebooting right after when logo ASUS shows. I can access only BIOS.
I searched everywhere, try everything, nothing helps. Now I think that graphic HD4000 on this processor must broken or something.
My Motherboard is MSI P8 Z77-V-LE
What I try was: updating bios, delete ATI drivers, disable power saving on CPU, iGPU is on, or its auto, boot CD Win7 and try fix problems. Nothing...
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  1. One more thing, when I enable multi GPU in BIOS, i can switch DVI cabel between them in Windows. So integrated graphic works, only i cant boot system without AMD card plugged in.
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