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Windows 8.1 Stuck on login screen

My partner downloaded the windows 8.1 update onto his PC yesterday and since then, when you turn the computer on it gets stuck on a honeycombe picture and won't allow you onto the next stage where you enter password to log in. There is no mouse cursor and the keyboard won't work either, however both the mouse and keyboard work fine in the bios.

Anyone know how to fix this? We built this computer ourselves and Windows 8 was installed onto a new SSD from the disk. There's been no problem whatsoever until he downloaded windows 8.1.
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  1. Power the system off, remove the USB plugs for both the mouse and keyboard and move them to different USB ports. Power the machine back on and wait 2-3 minutes to make sure Windows has detected and set up the devices again. You should then be able to log in.
  2. Thanks for your help. Unfortunately it hasn't worked. We've tried all USB ports and different keyboards. Tried sorting it with the windows 8 disk but there is no restore point to put it back to and can't do a refresh as it says the hard drive is locked. There's no option to reinstall windows. Maybe it would work if I could get hold of an older style keyboard and mouse if it's a USB problem.
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    I've figured out how to fix this for now so I'm gonna put it here so it can help anyone else with the same problem. Basically windows 8.1 stopped all the USB ports from working. I went into the bios, then USB configuration and changed it to Intel xHCI mode: Disabled, Legacy USB Support : Enabled. Can now use mouse and keyboard and managed to log in.
  4. Good catch, and thanks for posting back to let everyone know how you solved it.
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